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About Us [Eng]

Kuraj-Bambey Studio has been in business since 2008. We are Content Localization, Dubbing and Voice-over, Sound Design and Audio Production company in Russia. In last four years we had dubbed and localized many popular American TV shows and movies, including The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Mike&Molly, Key&Peele etc. All these shows became highly popular in Russia, CIS and Russian speaking neighboring countries and Eastern Europe.

We did a lot of creative commercials and sound desings too.

Need some sounds and original music for your games, mobile apps & broadcasts? We can do it! 

Also our services are: 
• Music Design
• Sound Design
• Subtitling for features, films, TV series and documentaries for Studios etc.
• Language Translation / Localization according to the target market 
• Recruiting and placement of language staff 
• Sound repairing, mixing and troubleshooting